Bluetrax Software
BlueTraxTM is a comprehensive solution that integrates Global Positioning System (GPS) technology with easy to use software modules to give you a complete set of tools to manage your assets.

Combining GPS with Communication channels such as GSM/GPRS and the Inmarsat Satellite Network, BlueTraxTM has been proven to be an extremely reliable real-time tracking system with complete global coverage.
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Vehicle Tracking / Fleet Management
  • Real time GPS/GPRS/Satellite Tracking
    • Get real-time information when you need it from anywhere in the world, on your phone, online, on your desktop
  • Improve efficiency and utilization of your vehicles
    • Get accurate information on exactly how your vehicles are being utilized
  • Enhance safety and security of your operation
    • Get live information when your assets are misused, abused or their security compromised
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